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I took the worship leader health check and it nailed me to a "t".

What is the Health Check?

Not knowing enough about your own ministry challenges can be an obstacle to your joy and longevity in ministry. The Likewise Worship Leader Health Check is a self-assessment that helps you name challenging ministry dynamics. The goal of the health check is to routinely measure your own ministry health and to proactively become and remain healthy. It measures three key areas: rest, trust, and discipleship. When one or more of these areas lacks health, it causes stress, anxiety, and burnout over time.
What's included?
  • Health Assessment
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Why take the health check?

41% of worship pastors considered leaving ministry in the last 12 months.
People go to the doctor for one of two reasons: they are either have a symptom that needs attention or they go for an annual check up to make sure there are no health issues hiding under the surface. The Worship Leader Health Check functions the same way. Whether you are struggling in ministry or feeling good about your current situation, the Worship Leader Health Check helps you ask the right questions to help you name your struggle or to shed light on some potential blind spots in your life and ministry.
The first step towards ministry health is being able to name certain ministry challenges. The more you can understand your unique challenges and struggles, the easier it will be to get the right tools and encouragement you need for a long and fruitful ministry.

FAQs about the Health Check

Who is this for?

This is for full-time staff worship leaders, part-time staff worship leaders, or main volunteer worship leaders. The assessment is specifically geared towards those who oversee the culture of worship at a church, work on a ministry staff or have a role and responsibility that is similar.

How does it work?

The assessment is 36 questions and takes approximately 6 minutes to finish. Once completed, you will receive your result and lifetime access to our library of resources. You will have access to these resources through the login you created to purchase the health check.

Can I take it multiple times?

Yes! We recommend taking the health check every 6-12 months. As your life and ministry change over time, so do your unique challenges. You will have lifetime access to all resources once you purchase the health check the first time. If you want to retake the health check, you can purchase it again in the future.

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