Likewise has given me space to pause to feed my spirit alongside others who are navigating the same joys, stresses, challenges, and schedules that I navigate in my role

Kelly D

"Likewise has been a place for me to go and just rest. There’s no expectation for anything, it’s a community of fellow worship leaders that all come together, and engage in fellowship through food, worship, and word."

Jason S.

"Likewise has been a much needed support system for me and encouragement for my calling. In all the busyness of ministry, it feels like one of the only areas in my life that i am being ministered to."

Jeff G.

Meet the area director

Dominic Nuncio
Director of San Diego

Dominic Nuncio, a native of San Diego, has dedicated over 25 years to serving the local church in various pastoral roles, including worship, teaching, and executive leadership. In addition to his church ministry, he has also worked as a studio musician, recording artist, and music educator. He has had the privilege of leading musical worship for numerous churches, camps, and conferences both locally and internationally. One particular partnership that holds a special place in his heart is his ongoing 19-year collaboration with Hume Lake Christian Camps.

He holds a BA in Music and Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College, as well as an MA in Executive Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. Drawing from his ministry experience and education, Dominic has a passion for leveraging creativity and leadership to guide and support fellow shepherds towards wholeness, healing and Gospel clarity for greater Kingdom impact.

Dominic is happily married to Tara since 2003, and they are blessed with two wonderful children, Asher and Amalya.

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