The Likewise Coffee Misson


How you are supporting our mission while you sip.

When you purchase a bag of coffee or a box of K Cups, all proceeds help send local worship leaders to the Annual Likewise Worship restorative retreat to get the rest and encouragement they need.

Our worship leaders matter so greatly to the Lord and to those they are serving! We are excited to host over 100 worship leaders at Forest Home We believe that what the church needs in the season ahead is humble, healthy, and authentic leaders. Both humility and health are often byproducts of rest. Resting reminds us that the weight of ministry doesn’t fall on the shoulders of church leaders. Resting reminds us that Worship Leaders are more than a cog in a ministry wheel. It is our prayer that they would be reminded that THEY ARE NOT ALONE and that the Lord would meet them right where they are.

The goal for this retreat is NOT to give mountains of information. The goal is to provide a space for these leaders and their spouses to be with Jesus and others. Each year we hear stories of renewed ministries, marriages, and relationships. It’s amazing what the Lord does when we pause and rest in Him.