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Monthly Gatherings

What to expect at our monthly gatherings

Free Lunch / Coffee

Community with Other Local Worship Leaders

Worship Discussions

Prayer & Encouragement

1 hour to 1.5 hours in length

FAQs about Gatherings

What is the goal of these gatherings?

The goal is to foster community among local leaders. Ministry can feel isolating and in its most challenging moments, competitive. These gatherings reinforce the truth that we need each other and remind us that the Lord desires our UNITY! You’ll leave each gathering encouraged by God’s Word and by God’s people.

Who is invited to the gatherings?

Anyone who leads worship in any capacity! This means full-time, part-time or even volunteer. Music Directors (MDs) are also welcome!

Do the gatherings cost anything?

No! Food is always provided and it will always be FREE!

Is there a membership I need to come to the gatherings?

No! You can come as often as you like with no obligation or commitment!

Can I invite other worship leaders?

Yes! Please do!

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