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Our vision for a rested worship leader is one who has healthy and intentional rhythms. These rhythms allow the leader to give both the ministry and their family the “best version” of themselves. These rhythms help the leader to remember that they are God’s child, not His employee. These rhythms of rest also allow the leader to gain clarity on what is theirs to carry and what is the Lord’s, remembering that while we may “plant or water” it is ultimately God who “does the growing” (1 Cor.3:4-9)
Intro to Rested
Resting in Ministry
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Our vision for a trusted worship leader is one who has been given freedom and has the support from their leadership. We believe it is the job of the worship leader to first examine themselves (their gifting and experience). If a leader believes they are worthy of that freedom and support, a humble and respectful conversation with leadership is necessary. If a leader identifies areas of growth (on their own or from feedback from leadership) the leader must take steps toward that growth.
Hard Conversations - The Approach
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Becoming Trusted
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Our vision of a discipled worship leader is one whose life is known by a trusted, wise mentor and one who is committed to following Jesus. Ultimately, we are called to be disciples of Jesus. But we all need people in our lives with whom we can be vulnerable and who can teach, encourage, and challenge us as we walk in the way of Jesus.
Intro to Discipled
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Being Known and Growing Up
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