Vocal Coaching

Developing And Sustaining Longterm Vocational Worship Leading

Likewise Worship is excited to come alongside and pour into worship leaders by offering vocal coaching through one-on-one coaching sessions and vocal workshops for our worship leaders and their teams. Our desire is to equip and encourage them to find vocal freedom and establish sustainable, functional based techniques that give them the tools they need to maintain vocal health and joy in singing.  We are honored to have the opportunity to help you continue to craft the gifts that you have been given to lead God’s people in worship. Because of our generous Likewise supporters, we are able to offer you highly professional coaching and training at a premium discounted rate. The investment you make for coaching goes directly to supporting your coach’s ministry with Likewise Worship.

Vocal Coaching Session Packages:

$50 Per Month: TWO – 30 min Sessions
$100 Per Month: TWO – 60 min Sessions
We encourage worship leaders to make an 8-12 month commitment to coaching so that the best results are reached.
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Why Invest In Vocal Coaching?

Worship leaders are vocal athletes running marathons every weekend as they sing and lead for rehearsals, sound checks, and multiple services! The challenge is that many don’t know how to effectively train during the week in order to maintain the vocal strength and stamina for the weekend – let alone for the years to come. It can be easy to fall into a survival mode cycle and be vocally strained or hoarse after the weekend services only to just recover by Wednesday and have to do it all over again. Just like an athlete trains to build the strength, stamina, and flexibility that they need to perform their sport well and consistently – a vocal athlete needs that same kind of training!