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Likewise Care for worship leaders

Are you in worship leadership and seeking care?

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Worship ministry is on the front lines of a battle, but we often fight with wounds that are untreated. We need to pause to prioritize care. Whether it’s a quick pause, or a rhythm of pausing for larger wounds, this keeps us in the battle long-term.

Our mission is to provide soul care that uniquely supports those in worship leadership. Overall, we seek to be a safe place to be known, to find health in Jesus, and (when needed) to be a bridge to other soul care ministry partners.

Who is this for?

Here are some signs you may need care.

I don’t enjoy leading worship in this season

Weariness or exhaustion

Life is going FAST

Struggles with Relationships

Work, family, or marriage.


It’s hard to define how I’m doing.

Burnout is on the horizon

or currently in burnout.

Feeling stuck in a pattern or behavior

or currently in burnout.

Processing a Wound

Hit a wall or thinking of leaving ministry

If care sounds great!

Sometimes we pour out so much that we just want
to be poured into for a call or coffee/lunch.
How does likewise provide care?

Here's what care can look like at Likewise

Someone who listens.

“...Quick to listen, slow to speak...” Our desire is to listen first and resist the temptation to immediately use the words “you should.”

Good questions/curiosity.

An outside perspective can bring clarity we can’t find on our own. A simple question like, “what are your rhythms of rest lately?” can be a game-changer.

Opportunity for confession.

It’s hard to maintain the practice of confession as a ministry leader. We’ve found that worship leaders find safety talking to our team since we aren't on their staff. It gives the chance to bring things into the light, instead of keeping them in the dark (where our enemy wants them).

Processing a wound.

It’s not “if” but “when” you’ll experience a wound. BUT, many stay untreated. That’s not good on a battlefield!


We are honored when we get to be a bridge. If our team isn’t trained in a certain area, we seek to connect you to a trusted ministry partner (listed below).

Our discipleship ministry partners