AVAILABLE DATES   –   JANUARY 12 – 15,  FEBRUARY 23 – 26,  MARCH 22-25,  APRIL 19-22 ,  MAY 17-20  – We can also take date requests if you would like to check for availability.
We are honored to have the opportunity to walk alongside you even closer on this journey.  It is our desire that you would find encouragement, wisdom and hope in whatever way that we are able to serve you! By filling out this CONFIDENTIAL form, you are expressing your desire to join us for an “All Inclusive One-On-One Retreat” In Huntington Beach, CA with Falon and Justin Unger.    Please be honest and up front as you answer these questions so that we can prayerfully prepare how the Lord might have us give clear direction through coaching and mentorship.  Thank You.

    General Questions

    How many nights would you like your retreat to be?
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    What specific dates would work best for you? (available dates listed above)

    Confidential Questions

    How long have the two if you been together?

    When do you plan on getting married?

    In your relationship what are your greatest strengths?

    Are there any current challenges or potential struggles in your relationship?

    When it comes to your physical relationship together... On a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 = Kissing and 5 = Intercourse, how would you currently rate yourselves?

    Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? If so, are you on any medications? What medications?

    Do you struggle with any addictions such as pornography, alcohol or any other coping mechanisms?

    Is there anything else we should know about your relationship?

    How can we specifically be praying for you?