RETREAT DATES – January 19-22, 2020
We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you and pour into your life and ministry at this highly impactful getaway.
Please understand that by filling out this form, you are committing to attend the 3rd Annual All Inclusive, All expenses paid, Likewise Worship Retreat.  Please prioritize and LOCK IN the dates, you will not be allowed to back out once we get your confirmation…

    How would like like to help us in raising the support needed to put on this retreat?
    PERSONAL GIFT - If you would like to contribute personally to your retreat fund, Likewise will MATCH any gift that you give… ( i.e. $100 = $200 / $250 = $500 and so on…)YOUR CHURCH - Communicate this opportunity to your church leadership and request for them to sponsor some or all of your retreat amount.. Most churches have these resources in their conference or missional budgets.SOCIAL MEDIA - We can provide you with a personal digital flyer where you can invite friends and family on your social media accounts to sponsor you.. This has been a VERY successful way for leaders to get all their funds covered… ( i.e. I am looking for 20 people to sponsor me at $50 / 40 people at $25 etc…)LIKEWISE LIVE - We have some upcoming events in AZ where you can perform/lead worship/fundraise with us. We will be partnering with Elevate Coffee for a few nights of music and will be sharing the vision of our retreats and raising support. These funds will be added to your retreat fund.