Who is pastoring the worship pastors?

1 in every 3 worship leaders will walk away from serving in the local church this year.
The average tenure of a worship leader is 2 -  3 years.

We exist for the purpose of SERVING and PRESERVING worship leaders by providing COMMUNITY, CARE and COMPETENCY.

Monthly Gatherings

Providing community and encouragement for local worship leaders.


Offering an annual restorative retreat for worship leaders and their spouses.

One on One

Facilitating discipleship and pastoral care for worship leaders and their families.


Hosting quarterly workshops and training for worship leaders and their teams.

Meet the area director of Likewise Fort Wayne

Landon Bailey
Pastor & Area Director Of Likewise Fort Wayne, Indiana

A native of Fort Wayne, Landon grew up in the church and sensed a call to serve the Lord in worship at a young age. He has led worship and written songs since his teenage years, and has had the opportunity to lead and serve in churches, ministries, and conferences all around the world. As a musician, songwriter, composer, and producer, he has worked with many different artists, creating everything from worship, pop, hip hop, and cinematic tv/film music.

While living in Southern California, Landon met Kellie, a San Diego native, and together they have led worship and written songs under the appropriately titled band name, “the Baileys”. Landon had the privilege of serving in Orange County at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the School of Worship, as well as several other churches in the area. After moving back to Fort Wayne, Landon served as Worship Pastor at Pine Hills Church for nearly a decade. He holds dearly the purity and simplicity of worship, and has a strong desire to see worship leaders built up, strengthened, and unified. His prayer is to see one united heart of worship in Fort Wayne through community, care, competency, and creativity.

Landon and Kellie have been married since 2009, and they have three blonde haired, blue eyed children: Fair Lynn, Maig Sea, and King. They also have a golden doodle named Bailey (it’s a long story).

“Right now there is such a deep need for encouragement and discipleship, and a renewed sense of purpose and calling. The demands and pressures of worship leading are at an all time high, and burnout and discouragement are rampant. My heart is to see worship leaders refreshed in the joy of the Lord, reminded of the simple blessing it is to carry the spirit of worship, and empowered to serve Him faithfully in the seasons to come.”

– Landon Bailey

Fort Wayne - The City Of Churches

There is a deep, rich spiritual history woven into the fabric of Fort Wayne, Indiana. With a church on almost every corner, its streets have been a well worn path of prayer and worship over the years. Its many churches represent many faithful and devoted worship leaders.

However, latest Barna research shows that the average worship leader turnover is about 2 years, and 41% of worship leaders are debating on leaving the ministry altogether. In Fort Wayne, there seems to be a current wave of vacancies in the area of worship, with burnout and discouragement as a common theme across the board. We feel called to help change that.

Our heart is to serve, preserve, and raise up worship leaders who are healthy, encouraged, and empowered. Our goal is to see a community of leaders serving in humility and in the purity of worship. Our prayer is that as the church in Fort Wayne worships in unity, the city which has been known as “City Of Churches” will come to be known as the “City Of The Church.”

How you can help

We are needing

40 Monthly Partners at $50

10 Monthly Partners at $100

3 Monthly Partners at $250

2 Monthly Partners at $500

This helps fund

Fund meals and resources at monthly gatherings
Our quarterly workshops and training opportunities.
Our subscriptions and network communication costs
One on one discipleship and accountability.
Allows us to provide financial assistance and scholarship for our annual retreats
In monthly gifts needed

I don’t know if I would still be in ministry today if it wasn’t for Likewise Worship.


Worship Pastor, Phoenix, AZ